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The famous multi-million company Wakefield Construction, has filed for bankruptcy. She has been Sunshine Coast’s largest and most sought builder for years now, so it raises eyebrows when such a huge company goes down so abruptly. We dug up some facts that our sources have confirmed to be the main causes of this decision by the company’s board. Wakefield Construction possesses a long line of contractors and sub-contractors who have not been paid for a long while in the recent past.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe discovered a different list of creditors who won’t receive a dime as this real estate giant goes down. Among the losers are the community that has for so long benefited from the expert green building in home renovations and high quality development, not to mention the endless list of employees and contractors who have lost their jobs and world class opportunities with Wakefield Construction.

Lance Sparling, the owner, has not been spared either. Records reveal that he had been borrowing from his own kitty to keep the company up and rolling. We noted that he put his multi-million house up for sale. The piece catches the eye, but like other similar properties, it has not received much attention in the market. So really, there was no escape for this all time reigning real estate company.

What’s more, Better Business Bureau, Built Green Canada, Coast Community Builders Association and the Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association have lost a very reliable member that no doubt contributed a great deal to their development. Next time when considering real estate companies to work with, check their history. Dig up and compare the competencies to arrive at the best one and avoid falling into endless voids of promises of bankrupt companies.

We sympathize with Wakefield and appreciate the big lesson on how not to go bankrupt on your customers!!

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The world of investing in real estate can be complex to navigate alone. From Condos to Duplexes, Single Family Homes and alike, finding a property that not only appreciates in value, but one that also produces cash flow is really the ideal property for any savvy real estate investor. Now ask anyone experienced in real estate investing which way is generally the best to go, and they will often tell you that commercial real estate as well as industrial real estate can be low maintenance, with high yields. But one area has really started to catch the eye of savvy investors across British Columbia and specifically the Lower Mainland area, and that is investing in storage rentals.

storage rentals hot commodity in vancouver and burnaby

So why storage rentals? You may attribute it to the popularity of shows like “Storage Wars” on television, but no. Frankly, it’s a combination of many factors, but largely due to their ability to generate stable cash flow!


The Lower Mainland area is quickly becoming known around the world for it’s real estate frenzy. More humble markets that maybe don’t have the traditional “pizzaz” as Yaletown in Downtown Vancouver such as suburban locations like Langley, Abbotsford and even further out into Chilliwack and Merritt.


So then what makes these investments attractive? As we know, much the local population is aging. This means that as the kids move out of the house, the parents may look to downsize from their large suburban home, and into a smaller, more centrally located condo. So what do they do with all their stuff? Store it!


This means that there is a range of clients needing this service right at your doorstep, and all that you need is some land. What is it that big cities don’t have for cheap? That’s right, land. So, the next best place is some of the more unassuming markets like Langley, where industrial land can still be but in large quantities for a reasonable price. This gives an investor a low carrying cost on the property, and with little to no setup or ongoing maintenance required, can simply setup and allow the business to run on “autopilot” of sort.

The next time you consider getting involved in any form of real estate investing, and more specifically in commercial or industrial, be sure to consider adding a storage rental property to your portfolio!

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south burnaby condos for saleBurnaby Residential market took off in February, 2012 according to the mls burnaby website and held strong into the summer of that year. However, 2014 has seen slower market than it was the same time last year, even with townhouses for sale in burnaby. The following statistics on Burnaby Property market demand (sales), supply (inventory), and the effect on mean prices from February 2010 through to February 2012 may help shed more light on the trends in the market according to a local burnaby realtors.

Burnaby Real Estate Market Supply, February, 2014

The current inventory in Burnaby is the largest has been since 1996. In February 2011, the inventory of house for sale in burnaby increased from 1,154 the previous year (2010) to 1,176 (+1.9 percent). This upward trend in burnaby houses for sale continued over the last two years hitting a record high of 1,352 houses (+15 percent). February is usually the month when inventory starts to boost but typically the levels remarkably rise in April when the Spring Market fully running. Having had a high inventory level in Burnaby this February probably mean that the current level of listings in the MLS North Burnaby Condo system will stay high through to summer as the inventory level will not be absorbed before those sellers planning to list their property this spring enter the market. That is the case even with north burnaby condos for sale, which is usually lower.

Burnaby’s Property Market Demand, 2014

There were thirty percent of homes sold in February, according to The MLS North Burnaby Real Estate Board in 2014 (304 units) when compared to the same time last (334 units sold), according to this realty site. Thirty fewer sales in just a month is a significant number, especially when compared to The Less expensive South Burnaby Condos For Sale which are lower tier When coupled with the fact that the supply has increased appreciably during the same period, sellers should expect less competition for their property which translate into longer time in the market and possibly lower rates.
Interestingly though, the total sales from March 2011 to February 2012 (12 month sales volume) in the Burnaby Residential Market still recorded 205 units more than was over the same period the year before. Going back to 2010, the sales volume was significantly low (383 units) yet the prices skyrocketed.

Burnaby Home Market Prices, 2014

Many burnaby realtors say it is always expected that an increase in supply accompanied by a decrease in demand results in lower prices of homes for sale in burnaby bc. This has not been the case in the Burnaby Real Estate Market. The average prices have held steady and have risen over the last February.
In February 2010 the average price was $502,851, followed by $564,236 (+12.2 percent) in February 2011. In February 2012, the average home prices rose to $624,021 – a 10.6 percent increase compared to the same period the year before.

Key Points for Burnaby Buyers

Despite the steadiness in prices followed by an increase in the past year, the Burnaby market still remain favorable for buyers – mainly because of the lower interest rates and the opportunity to get a five-year fixed rate at or close to prime. It may be the right time to buy given the large inventory to choose from and the lower interest rates.

Key Points for Sellers

When you give buyers more choices to make by increasing supply, it will take the buyers longer to buy. Just stick out from the rest and make sure your prices are competitive enough.

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Predictions.epsWhen talking about the real estate market and the predictions about whether the prices of properties would go up or rather will it go down, I always think that as a professor, what variables would you include in predicting a real estate market.

I tried to find an answer to this questions and what I concluded that several factors contributed to the variation and prediction of the prices in real estate market. This not only included the speculation element, which is one of the major factors in the fluctuation of the prices, but it also included the demand and supply of these properties.

Another major variable that came to my mind while thinking about the unpredictability of these real estate properties is the loans that are mortgaged by way of these properties and the bankruptcy of those institutions who have made these loans, this variable was in fact the main reason for the decline in the value of properties which ultimately resulted in global melt down of the entire financial structure.
I again asked the same question to myself, As a professor, what variables would you include in predicting a real estate market, the answer was a bit different from the previous answers that I received. It gave me an interesting variable in the form of rental income that would be derived from renting out of these properties.

After the crises when the bubble busted relating to the decreased in the value of these properties, the rent income which could be derived from renting it out also decreased thus creating one of the major signs in decreasing the value of properties. So I also concluded that apart from the variables mentioned above there are certain speculators who could also change the market in accordance with their needs. The real estate market is volatile and extremely subjective one need to go through the entire understanding of the market before entering into this it.

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