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Vancouver West Condos For Sale

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1908 939 Homer Street, Vancouver

1908 939 HOMER STREET, Vancouver West

4068 Ash Street, Vancouver

4068 ASH STREET, Vancouver West

5604 1128 W Georgia Street, Vancouver

5604 1128 W GEORGIA STREET, Vancouver West

2003 455 Sw Marine Drive, Vancouver

2003 455 SW MARINE DRIVE, Vancouver West

1806 455 Sw Marine Drive, Vancouver

1806 455 SW MARINE DRIVE, Vancouver West

2303 1050 Burrard Street, Vancouver

2303 1050 BURRARD STREET, Vancouver West

210 1961 Collingwood Street, Vancouver

210 1961 COLLINGWOOD STREET, Vancouver West

203 1818 W 6th Avenue, Vancouver

203 1818 W 6TH AVENUE, Vancouver West

Gr-3c 193 Aquarius Mews, Vancouver

GR-3C 193 AQUARIUS MEWS, Vancouver West

406 546 Beatty Street, Vancouver

406 546 BEATTY STREET, Vancouver West

1802 1200 W Georgia Street, Vancouver

1802 1200 W GEORGIA STREET, Vancouver West

2602 788 Richards Street, Vancouver

2602 788 RICHARDS STREET, Vancouver West

Vancouver West Apartments for Sale

This area is one of the most classy in the world. Canada‘s rising financial market, as well as the continuous ranking of the city amidst the most residential ones in the world, has fed this high price increase to gargantuan proportions. A 740 sq. ft. seaside condo in Vancouver would set you back by half a million greenbacks at least. You as well have to be dead fortunate and appeal to the Lord every hour of the day that you don’t face a competitor proposing outrageously. The typical condominium or apartment is is almost 8 times as expensive as the common wages of its populace. That way, basically Sydney andHong Kong remain more costly.

Besides targeting an extraordinarily classy standard of living, another cause for the tremendous valuation increment is the number of overseas investors, particularly Korean who are eager to buy all that shows up on the listings. The city has continuously been a meeting point for ethnicities from all over the world. If you make a complete tour of the city, you shall be amazed at the ethnic variety of the population. Therefore, it is as much appealing to outsiders as it is to the locals. Hardly anybody feels an outsider here and there is something for everyone.

Persians and Chinese are especially interested in properties. China has undergone a land cost increase also. Nevertheless, their government, so as to guarantee that every one of their billion populace can purchase a property, has regulated the procurement of land to two per head. That means if you are Korean and you live in Japan, you would be able to buy only two discrete houses within Japan. Also, they are just leased for a period of 70 years. After compensating a small amount for your house, you could be shown the door after 70 years. Consequently, wealthy Korean purchasers are at all times willing to spend on foreign properties for acquiring a house away from their country.

Hence what will you do in case you are a prosperous Chinese investor with sufficient dough to flush down the lavatory and have booked a piece of property in Mars? Well, you make a trip to the priciest city in the world and look around for a place to stay. The Korean demands have made the prices rise by nearly 55% in the last 3 years, with about 50% of the purchasers are of Chinese in origin.

Fifteen per cent of the entire population is Chinese in origin. Moreover, many among the committed current Korean people are of the opinion that their tradition is generally conventional and their current generation wants a more global attitude to existence. They believe they need tutoring and standard of living more suited to interact openly with the outer world. In Japan, that would be entirely not possible. Hence they shift to a recognized cosmopolitan region which allows them to acquire an awareness of the foreign territories outside Japan, a practice somewhat tabooed in their country of birth.

Then again it has always been costly. Then why blame it on the Chinese? We have forever blamed their broad industrial ways and enormous labour power for all the bad occurring anywhere in the world, starting from depression to global warming. Let’s not push the Asians a lot into this. Indeed, their racing is making the valuations increase, however that’s just a single reason. Property charges continually appreciate, and it is estimated for Vancouver to go through a fixed 7.7 % annual increase after 2011. There are many types of properties in this section including also duplex, triplex, and townhouses.
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